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Garmin nuvi Portable Automotive GPS Systems

What is a nuvi? A Garmin nuvi is a top-of-the-line portable automotive GPS system on sale. There are now many lines of nuvi, which can be classified as basic (200 series), full-featured (300 series), full-featured wide-screen (600 series), new full-featured wide-screen (700 series), new full-featured wide-screen with voice recognition (800 series), and large-screen for truckers (5000 model). No matter your needs, there's a Garmin nuvi at GPS that's perfect for you. You can see the main differences between the lines here:

nuvi 2x0 nuvi 3x0 nuvi 6x0 nuvi 7x0 nuvi 8x0 nuvi 5000
Pre-Loaded U.S. Maps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Size (Diagonal) 3.5" or 4.3" 3.5" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 5.2"
Voice Prompts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text-to-Speech No (except 260) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP3 & Audio Book Player No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Traffic Available No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Headphone/Audio Out Jack No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Route Storage No No No Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Point Routing & Tracklog No No No Yes Yes Yes
Voice Command No No No No Yes No

The nuvi 200 series provides basic directions only; the nuvi 300 series is enhanced with text-to-speech, multimedia features, and live traffic capability; the nuvi 600 series has all the enhancements plus a wider screen for easier viewing, and all but the 650 include an integrated traffic receiver; the nuvi 700 series adds an FM transmitter standard, plus multiple point routing and a slightly slimmer design than the 600 series. The nuvi 800 series is similar to the 700s but adds voice recognition technology, allowing you to speak commands to your nuvi, making it top-of-the-line! The new nuvi 5000 features an extra-wide 5.2" diagonal screen and special routing for truckers.

The Garmin nuvi 800 series models are scheduled to be released in April 2008. The units will be the first to feature total voice command and control, rendering the touch-screen practically unnecessary! The nuvi 850 and nuvi 880 have pre-loaded maps of the United States and Canada, text-to-speech voice directions, an MP3 player, FM transmitter, multiple point routing, and an extra-wide 4.3" diagonal screen; they also work with optional Travel Guide and Savers Guide software. The nuvi 850 is the base model, and the nuvi 880 adds Bluetooth for hands-free calls and includes the MSN Direct receiver.