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Payments via Paypal
We accept Paypal only with Confirmed addresses (different from verified) and we ship to that address only (for seller protection against fraud and chargeback). If you pay via paypal and your address is Unconfirmed, your payment will be refunded or declined and another payment method will be requested. Paypal payment should be submitted within 24 hours or the order will be canceled. Please make sure your Paypal account is Verified or your payment will be declined and the order will be canceled. (International Buyers only from United Kingdom, Australia, Canada can use paypal Confirmed because they can Confirm their paypal addresses and it is required by our billing department for you to pay with confirmed address, we also ship only to that paypal Confirmed address). All International orders must have paypal VERIFIED account, no exceptions.

A confirmed address provides sellers with confidence in shipping to the address provided with a payment. A confirmed address is an address that has been reviewed by PayPal and found to be safer than addresses that do not have similar characteristics. For example, a credit card billing address will be confirmed because it is a safer address than most other addresses. PayPal provides confirmed address information to help sellers make informed decisions when shipping goods. Some sellers may prefer to ship to a confirmed address in order to qualify for the Seller Protection Policy.

A confirmed address is an address that has been reviewed by PayPal and found to be safe based on information related to the address. For example, a credit card billing address is confirmed because PayPal can check that the address is the same as the address on file at the credit card company.

Payments - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover are accepted thru Paypal

Domestic Orders (USA)

Please make sure to provide the Correct Billing address and valid phone number to avoid order cancellation. Billing Address is your credit/debit card address where you receive your credit/debit card statements every month, the same as the address on file at the credit card company.

ATTENTION: As of March 15 2009, all orders paid with Credit Card will be shipped ONLY to the credit card BILLING address. If you provide different ship to address it will be automatically updated to your credit card billing address. If you need to ship to a Different address, please assist us by doing the following: Contact your card issuer and have the alternate Ship-to Address added as an authorized shipping location in your account records or in the memo field. Contact us with your credit card company phone number so we can Verify it. If you choose to ship to an address other than your billing address that has not been specified as an alternate Ship-to Address with your card-issuer, your order will be shipped out to your billing address.

Wire / Bank Transfer will be required on all Domestic (USA) orders over $1,500.00.

International Orders (outside United States of America)

Due to the recent increase in international fraud and charge back, All international orders must go thru Verification process, NO exception. International Credit Cards are accepted only from Canada. All other countries MUST pay via Paypal Verified and/or Confirmed.

Wire / Bank Transfer will be required on all International orders over $500.00.

Payments via Wire / Bank Transfer

Wire / Bank Transfer will be required on all Domestic (USA) orders over $1,500.00 and on all International orders over $500.00. If you would like to use this payment method please contact our billing department for more info thru contact form here. Wire / Bank Transfer payment should be received within 5 days once the order is placed or the order will be canceled.

Payments via Business Check:

You may pay via Business Check for the order however it will take up to 5-10 business days for check to clear (depends on the bank). We will NOT ship the order right away unless we verify that your check was cleared. Please do not ask to ship the order the next day after the check was submitted. We wait at least 5 business days to make sure the check was cleared from your side (may take up to 10 business days).

Credit Card Fraud
We screen all received orders for fraud, unauthorized or illegal activity. Once the fraud has been identified, we will immediately file a police report with Dallas Police, RCMP, RECOL, NW4C and IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center).

Order Cancellation
Orders CAN be canceled within 24 hours. However, if our billing department processed the order (it means your credit card was charged) but not shipped yet you will be notified about it and a cancellation fee of 5% will be deducted from the total paid if order will be refunded. If the order was shipped and/or the shipping label was created at the time you requested the cancellation (you will receive delivery confirmation/tracking number) then it CANNOT be canceled and only return policy can apply here. If we can stop the shipment then the shipping and handling fee plus 5% cancellation fee will be deducted anyway. Please be certain when you place an order.
If your order was shipped before you requested a cancellation or before any changes could be made, you can refuse delivery and we will refund you for the purchase less our shipping and processing/cancellation cost.

Shipping, handling and insurance charges are NOT refundable for any reason.

If the order payment was through check or money order, we will refund you by check after 21 business days following the receipt of your check or money order.

We are unable to reinstate an order once it has been canceled. You may place a new order subject to our current availability and pricing.